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WS5 First Annual Research Symposium on “Energetic and Spiritual Processes of Healing”


conclusion: The preliminary data suggests subjects exposed to amethyst may have a physiological response. Further, advanced methods of data analysis (e.g. cordance, LORETA and/or non-linear for the EEG and HRV for the EKG), may lead to valuable insights into the potential mechanisms of crystal therapy.
Supported in part by NIH grants P20-AT000774-01S1 (DAL), P20 AT000774 (SEL, LM-M, IRB and GES), K24 AT00057 (IRB), P50 AT00008 from the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) Its contents are solely the responsibility of the authors and do not necessarily represent the official views of NCCAM or NIH.

A5 Healing Touch and Immunity in Cervical Cancer Patients
Susan Lutgendorf, Ph.D., Barrie Anderson, M.D., Joel Sorosky, M.D., David Lubaroff, Ph.D., John Buatti, M.D. University of Iowa and Anil Sood, M.D., M.D.
Anderson Cancer Center
Objective: Although healing touch (HT) is frequently used as a complementary treatment by cancer patients receiving chemotherapy and radiation, effects of this therapy during cancer treatment have been minimally investigated. Additionally, little is known about physiological mechanisms by which HT may work. This study is designed to examine effects of HT on cellular immune function and short-term side effects of treatment among women with advanced cervical cancer who are receiving 6 weeks of chemotherapy, external radiation, and intracavitary radiation. Although combined chemotherapy and radiation is potentially curative in 69% of cases, many patients experience acute side effects and late radiation effects. Severe immune compromise has also been reported following intensive radiation.
Materials and Methods: Sixty-six cervical cancer patients are randomized to HT, relaxation, or standard care. HT or relaxation is provided 4 days a week immediately following external beam radiation in the Clinical Research Center throughout the patient’s external beam radiation treatment. Standard care patients receive no additional treatment but are eligible for either HT or relaxation after their one month follow-up assessment. Blood draws for assessment of natural killer cell cytotoxicity and T cell production of cytokines are taken at baseline, and weeks 4, 6, and 1 month post radiation.
Results and significance: Data are still being collected. This study will provide preliminary data on the impact of HT on various parameters of cellular immune function and whether the magnitude of that impact is large enough to be of sufficient clinical significance to be examined in future efficacy trials.
Supported in part by the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM:NIH) Project 4 in Exploratory Program Grant for Frontier Medicine. (Prestwood, P.I.) 1 P20 AT-756-01

B. Biofield Imaging

B1 Altering breast cancer cell phenotype and growth characteristics by distant healing intent
G. S. Jensen, Ph.D
, Natural Immune Systems Inc., 1437 Esplanade Ave., Klamath Falls OR 97601.
Objective: To perform pilot experiments to assess whether distant healing intent (DHI) can alter the physical, phenotypic, and growth characteristics of a breast cancer cell line in vitro.
Materials and Methods: The researchers performing the laboratory analysis are blinded to treatment, and the healer is dissociated from data analysis. A breast cancer cell line is cultured, parallel flasks/plates are plated, and flasks are randomized to either treatment or control. At 1, 8, 24 and 48 hours after DHI, samples of cells are evaluated as described below.
Cell line: The MCF-7 breast cancer cell line was chosen based on its expression of the estrogen receptor (ER).
Healer: The person providing the DHI is selected among healers who have in the past shown reproducible results.
1. Phenotypic changes: Two phenotypic characteristics are frequently observed on malignant cells:
1) Increased level of hormone/growth factor receptor(s);
2) Decreased level of MHCI antigen, reducing immune recognition.
The evaluation of phenotypic changes towards a more normal phenotype will include immunostaining for ER and MHCI and flow cytometric analysis.
2. Proliferative rate: A lipophilic membrane dye is used for cell labeling. As cells proliferate, the fluorescent dye is shared between daughter cells. Proliferation, as loss of fluorescence intensity, is evaluated by flow cytometry.
3. Cell death: The induction of cell death in the cultured breast cancer cells is analyzed by staining cells with Annexin and Propidium Iodide. Flow cytometry allows evaluation of apoptotic versus necrotic cells, and of early versus late stage of apoptosis.
Results and Conclusion: This pilot study distinguishes between three possible effects of DHI: normalization of phenotype, alteration of growth rate, or killing of tumor cells. This may aid future research on DHI, and assist further research into which cellular elements may be affected.

B2 Energy Field Produced by Falun Gong Meditation and Acupuncture-Music Therapy Enhanced Cardiac Functionality, Bio-Energy and Heart-Brain-Mind Synchronization
Jason Guohua Liu1, Lily Liu1, Tongwen Wang2, Jingduan Yang3
; 1Center of Acupuncture-Music Therapy, Mind-Body Science Institute, San Diego, CA 92108; 2Department of Immunology, Benaroya Research Institute, Seattle, WA 98101; 3Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, Philadelphia, PA 19106
Objective- To study the effects of energy field produced by Chinese Qigong, Falun Gong (FLG,, and by Traditional Chinese Medicine acupuncture-music therapy (AMT,, on the cardiac contractile activities, heart-brain-mind synchronization (HBMS) and Kirlian bio-energy, examining the existence of bio-energy associated with these practices.
Materials and Methods- Isolated rat cardiac cell’s contraction was recorded with a muscle research system in the presence or absence of FLG practitioner (FLGP) meditating to form energy field around the cell. This was also done in the presence of non-meditation practitioner (NMP) given or not given AMT treatment. Bio-energy images and HBMS were recorded with Kirlian CV6000 and HeartMath Technology, respectively, from FLGP or patients who was receiving or healed by AMT. These patients had suffered with fibromyalgia, cancer, heart failure, chronic pain, infections, stress, depression or other mental disorders. AMT is based on the acupuncture principle and aims to produce, balance and circulate energy along meridians.
Results- FLG and AMT both enhanced the cell contractile activity 35~111 %. Significant increases in bio-energy density and HBMS were detected from FLGP or AMT receivers, but not from NMP.
Conclusion- This research suggests that FLG produces energetic substance that positively changes the cell functionality and strengthens the heart-mind-brain integration as the AMT treatment does, suggesting that spiritual cultivation achieves the medical benefits by accessing the subtle energy source and pathways for balancing the bio-energy and improving mental health.
Supported by the North American Falun Dafa (Falun Gong) association, and local Falun Gong practitioners from San Diego and Seattle.

B3 Multi-channel physiologic monitoring system for evaluating energy interventions.
Daniel Tsunami1, Sean Pearson1, James McNames1, Agatha P. Colbert2,3
; 1Portland State University, Portland, OR; 2Oregon College of Oriental Medicine, Portland, OR; 3Kaiser-Permanente Center for Health Research, Portland, OR
Objective: To develop a physiologic data acquisition system (PDAS) that will simultaneously record several physiologic signals and clinical event annotations and assess the responses to acupuncture needling or other forms energy medicine treatments.
Materials and Methods: A PDAS was developed that combines custom physiologic signal conditioning hardware and a laptop computer based data acquisition station. The signals recorded were electrodermal response, impedance based respiration, skin temperature, and the electrocardiogram. The PDAS enables us to rapidly conduct preliminary studies that require simultaneous acquisition of physiologic signals and subject monitoring for any environmentally induced artifacts that may confound the study results. The signal conditioning hardware converts information from the sensors into analog voltage signals. The data acquisition station then samples and records the analog voltage signals for offline analysis. An off-the-shelf National Instruments data acquisition card in conjunction with a laptop computer is used to sample each of the analog voltages with a resolution of at least 12 bits and an accuracy of at least 11 bits. The data is stored on a computer hard drive in the MathWorks’ MATLAB™ mat file format. Software to control the data acquisition hardware has been developed in the National Instruments’ Labwindows environment. Additional software for the offline analysis of the acquired data has been developed in MathWorks’ MATLAB™ computational environment.
Results and Conclusion: The system proved capable of acquiring physiologically significant signals from a single subject and permits the annotation of any relevant events that occur during the study protocol.
Supported in part by the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine/National Institutes of Health (P50 AT00076) through the Oregon Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research.

C Clinical Outcomes

C1 The Works Of Hanna Kroeger, N.D., Healer And Teacher: A Research Study
Ginger Bowler, Th.D., Ph.D
., Holos University, Greenwich University
Objective: This study looked at the efficacy of Hanna Kroeger’s teachings as examined by measuring changes in levels of symptoms, anxiety and depression. Hanna Kroeger (1913-1998) was a world renowned healer, master herbalist, minister, ND, author, and teacher from Boulder, Colorado.
Materials and Methods: Test participants attended a six-hour seminar on Hanna Kroeger’s basic teachings, received instruction, simple “hands on healing” procedures, dowsing, and were given (free of charge) herbal and vibropathic™ remedies from Kroeger’s line of products. 43 Test and 31 Control subjects finished the study all tested multiple times using the STAI, ZUNG (SDS) and SYMPTOM INDEX TEST.
Results: Post test showed dramatic improvement in all areas highly significant at p=.002 state anxiety; p=.013 trait anxiety and p=.016 symptoms. The follow-up testing after 4 weeks seems to indicate that the improvements held. This was the time period during which the participants had the opportunity to integrate what they had learned, as well as taking the herbal and Vibropathic™ remedies, significant at p=.001 for state anxiety; p=.008 symptoms; p=.013 depression and p=.043 trait anxiety.
Conclusion: Further research on the potential impact of Hanna Kroeger’s seminars and products is needed and warranted. This research seemed to demonstrate relief from overall symptoms, anxiety and depression for test subject participating in a 6 hour seminar/ intervention and taking supplements. Hanna Kroeger’s work seems to empower those who desire to develop their “own inner healing capacity.” Her teachings were based on the seven physical and seven spiritual causes of ill health.


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